Spotlight Features

A series of spotlight features has been produced that record the lives of people in the local area. Many of these were first published in Bitton Focal Point 2007-2014. The history Group hope that in future the number of people included will be increased. Click on the link for each story:

Jim Allen Spotlight Jim Allen

Eddie Alway  Spotlight Eddie Alway.pdf

James Angell Angell James

Edith Cary    Spotlight Edith Cary.pdf

Ann Coales Spotlight-Ann-Coales

Joyce Cooper Spotlight – Joyce Cooper

Paul Denyer   Spotlight Paul Denyer.pdf

John Dugay   Spotlight John Dugay.pdf

Christopher Gallop Spotlight Christopher Gallop

Ken Gibson Spotlight-Ken-Gibson

David Hanney Spotlight David Hanney.pdf

Dick Honeywell Spotlight Dick Honeywell.pdf

Bill Leighfield Spotlight Bill Leighfield.pdf

Edna Nelmes Edna Nelmes 1923-2014

Gwen Norman Spotlight Gwen Norman.pdf

Maureen and David Perrett The Perretts

Sybil Watts    Spotlight Sybil Watts.pdf

Connie Williams Spotlight Connie Williams .pdf