• Timeline

  • 863 BC

    Legendry King Bladud contracts leprosy, is employed as a swineherd at Swineford and is then cured in hot springs at Bath

  • 43 - 410

    Roman Road runs through Bitton, Via Julia connecting Aquae Sulis (now Bath) and Caerwent or Caerleon in South Wales. Romans built two stations between these at Abona (Sea Mills) and Trajectus which was possibly Bitton.

  • 1086

    ‘Bertune’ is recorded as the village name in the Doomsday Book. Here there were 5 villeins , 2 bordars, 4 slaves and 10 acres of meadow

  • 1086

    Building of St Mary the Virgin Church; tower built 1377 More…

  • 1280

    Building of St Anne’s Church Oldland More…

  • 1280-87

    ‘1280 The Grange, later the home of the Seymours, built and then Court (Church) Farm

  • 1299

    The Lady Chapel is added to St Mary’s Church by Thomas de Bitton, Bishop of Exeter More…

  • 1587

    Fieldgrove House, Bitton is built – home of Sir John Harrington, Godson of Queen Elizabeth I

  • 1670

    Over 70 coalpits in the area of Kingswood Forest More…

  • 1712

    Iron Mills at Willsbridge are built by John Pearsall

  • 1739

    George Whitfield first preaches in open air at Hanham Mount

  • 1811-15

    Bitton Troop formed to fight crime; 25 members Cock Road Gang gaoled More…

  • 1819

    Bitton Land Enclosures 1819, including Oldland Common and North Common. The Meadows, Bitton enclosed 1862

  • 1819

    Turnpike House Cherry Garden is built

  • 1810-1910

    Thirteen chapels built in Bitton Parish in the nineteenth century More…

  • 1817-50

    Henry Thomas Ellacombe was curate and then vicar of St Mary’s and then vicar. He publishes The History of the Parish of Bitton (2 vols. 1881, 1883) also an authority on bells and a renowned gardener

  • 1830-8

    National School Bitton built (now Church Hall): National School at Oldland built More…

  • 1830

    St Anne’s Church Oldland rebuilt More…

  • 1830

    Dramway built carrying coal from Coalpit Heath via North Common, Oldand Common and Willsbridge to Londonderry Wharf on the Avon

  • 1837

    St Anne’s School Oldland opened More…

  • 1849

    Papermills built by Wm Somerville on site of brass mill More…

  • 1850-1916

    Henry Nicholson Ellacombe (Canon Ellacombe) vicar of St Mary’s Famous gardener, publishing many articles and books on gardening. More…

  • 1866-1971

    Midland Railway opened 1866 and a station at Bitton; closed 1971: reopened by Avon Valley Railway in 1974 More…

  • 1894-1981

    Upton School Opened 1894 More…

  • 1913

    Sir Bernard Lovell born at Oldland Common More…

  • 1935

    Oldland Common railway station opened; closed 1966: reopened 1988 More…

  • 1968

    Great flood of Bitton