This website page serves to provide details of the Ellacombe Chimes Bicentennial Celebration to provide details of participants, support materials, ideas for events.

On the 26 June 2021, a worldwide celebration is planned for the 200th anniversary of Rev Henry Thomas Ellacombe’s invention of ringing chimes.

Starting at noon in New Zealand, over the next 17 hours, working their way across the world, bells will be chiming at noon local time in each of the major time zones.

If you would like to join us in this celebration please contact Mike Gates at mg122@btinternet.com.

A listing of participants who have signed up so far is: List of participants031821

Chatham Standard Time – New Zealand (GMT+12)

Sacred Heart Basilica, Timaru, New Zealand

Australian Eastern Standard Time (GMT+10)


St John’s, Darlinghurst, Sydney

South Africa Standard Time (GMT+2)

St George’s Cathedral CapeTown, South Africa

Irish Standard Time (GMT+1)


Shandon Bells and Tower, St Anne’s, Shandon, Cork, Ireland

Atlantic Daylight Time (GMT+3)

St. John’s Anglican Church, Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada

Eastern Daylight Time (GMT+4)

First Presbyterian Church, Stamford, CT

Mountain Daylight Time (GMT+6)

St Jude’s, Ontario, Canada

St Paul’s Presbyterian, Ontario, Canada


St James Vancouver BC, Canada