Spotlight Features

A series of spotlight features has been produced that record the lives of people in the local area. These were first published in Bitton Focal Point 2007-2014. The history Group hope that in future the number of people included will be increased. Click on the link for each story:

Jim Allen Spotlight Jim Allen

Eddie Alway  Spotlight Eddie Alway.pdf

Edith Cary    Spotlight Edith Cary.pdf

Paul Denyer   Spotlight Paul Denyer.pdf

John Dugay   Spotlight John Dugay.pdf

Christopher Gallop Spotlight Christopher Gallop

David Hanney Spotlight David Hanney.pdf

Dick Honeywell Spotlight Dick Honeywell.pdf

Edna Nelmes Edna Nelmes 1923-2014

Gwen Norman Spotlight Gwen Norman.pdf

Bill Leighfield Spotlight Bill Leighfield.pdf

Sybil Watts    Spotlight Sybil Watts.pdf

Connie Williams Spotlight Connie Williams .pdf